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Tiffany's Life & Graduation




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Tiffany's Life & Graduation


A collection of humorous tales and meandering thought streams -

Including a beautifully written excerpt from Dr. Matt Currin's newest manuscript

And here's one of the more obscure excerpts from my own.

Of Mandelbrot and awakening a "genre".




 "Black holes are where God divided by zero."
- Steven Wright



DREW STUDIOS is attending a writer's workshop!

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What draws us? What appeals to our visual tastes and distinguishes our sense of sublime art from embarrassing irony? Don't think about it too hard or you'll lose itI Uh huh, it's ALL in the patterns, encoded for chaos, and most readily accessed by "lower memory"-- the kind we can't really remember.

I have a theory about the mechanics and origin of Man's Esthetic sense.

I hope you laugh with me and not at me, in Philosophy, as I explore Enlightenment by asking the most powerful spiritual question known to modern man... "What would Chuck say?" (AKA, Sir Charles Darwin)

If you have a serviceably quick connection, (no dial-up), here are some multimedia presentations. Of photography work and a few personal journeys. They should begin to stream almost immediately. Please enjoy!

Yucatan Video **Cancun Fractal Arpeggio - A recent excursion to visit the Ancient Mayans on Central America's Yucatan Peninsula - 2008 Cancun Fractal Arpeggio

Tiffany Graduation Tiffany's Life and Graduation. Smaller version.

2006 **Run Baby - 2006-WMV** Runbaby-QT

**Hurricane Chase-WMV** HurricaneChase-QTime

**Punkin-WMV** Punkin-QTime

God-Light Flash

For streaming Quicktime consumption...

..........Godlight II

fractal humanity slideshow FractalHumanity

A Streaming Windows Media compendium of my original experimentations with CG generated FRACTALS and the HUMAN form. Takes about 30 seconds to buffer on DSL because its TEN minutes long!. "Run Forrest, run!"...

***For streaming QUICKTIME... For smaller Windows Media

And then...

fractal memories Fractal Memories -QTime or Summer hangin' with...

Ode To Turpentine Presentation OdeToTurpentine Old Real world Paintings.

*Flash * * *

jesse slide show Here's the play-all Quicktime Version of JesseQT

jesse slide show Also NEW... Streaming Jesse w/ updated tune and pics.

{More Coming Soon!}

The non-commercial, personal efforts are still here, of course... Girls, Woyce.

Crank the volume and remember to give the Flash up to a minute to load. Usual time is fifteen seconds or so before they'll begin to play automatically. The Windows and Quicktime streaming formats begin almost immediately!

They are trickling in... I invite you to enjoy a leisurely stroll...

More soon .Galleries

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Carmen's Yogic Birth

Also within these pages, we've established purchase values upon a number of my photographic images. I believe the work represents a unique fusion on many levels - Digital Imaging with the real world painting skills I employed to earn a living throughout my twenties. and classical photography where time and movement become subject to the viewer's choice. Thematically, I try to suggest the patterns which construct, merge, and flow within nature and within human artistic achievement - a hint of the invisible quantum chaos which both rules and is ruled-by the rhythmic, sonorous flow of dance and music or the harmonic interplay of color and light.

Our sense of what is beautiful is perhaps evolving as drastically as technology, the patterns becoming ever more complex, yet similar to those basic survival needs which got us through the first 60,000 years of erect sapience.

With the assurance that I'll be judged as politically incorrect, I believe I can make a strong argument, through words AND images, that mankind does NOT crave simplicity as we so often profess. It is, in fact, COMPLEXITY which drives the evolving organism of our minds, of our needs as a species, one which recognizes its own finite composition within the universe. We seek to escape the bonds of our mortality by reaching to recognize the larger, more complex patterns surrounding us. For all of us, it is a Fractalline journey.

New, novel, unique - when we find it, we are that much closer to the creative center, to the infinite, to the Fractal mathematics of God. My work is viewed and reviewed on other sites around the internet, notably the well-oiled PR machine which is Pixiport.com.

Mandlebrot Fractal It has been my considered opinion that a "genre" of amazing artistic expression, computer generated Fractals, has been largely ignored, due to the public's reluctance to debate any issue where the resolution is often determined by the purity of the mathematics. Quite simply, the public is unlikely to understand whether a given iterated function of "Z" solution is conceptually elegant, but a million years of human esthetic evolution means just about everyone will have an opinion, one way or another, on whether they find a "Fractal-image" worthy of their home or office space walls.

That being said, can I call for a temporary cessation of intimidating attitude from the hard core Geek-set? I know I'm just an artist - according to Douglas Adams, <pause-sniffel> part of the SECOND interstellar transport of questionably essential planetary personnel, along with the politicians and hair dressers, but doesn't history (and Darwin) teach us the value of diverse perspectives.

Fractals are miraculous. Mathematical vistas of the spaces "between". Complex patterns of startling self-similar beauty stretching into the infinite. For the moment, let's stop and smell the mystery!

Fractal History

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