The new art market

NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency based on unique ownership of digital Assets, especially artwork, where the record of all sales and transactions are permanently stored on the Etherium Block-chain, the value of which is determined by market demand and trade activity. The current record is from a digital artist named Beeples for the US dollar equivalent of 69 million. As a buyer or collector, owning a Beeples would have made you a multi-mllionaire many times over. Because it's all on the decentralized block-chain, your ownership is absolute, irrefutable and fully transferable to the coming "Metaverse" predicted by so many, including Zuckerberg; instant status and wealth in the expected virtual reality which is our most likely immediate future.

     Thus far I've set up four individual pieces on, currently the largest platform fot NFTs on the internet. I can't promise anyone that they'll make millions, but I can guarantee total ownership of a significant piece of who I was and will continue to be, artist, writer, philosopher, or film producer, I'm a story teller who sees patterns...